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Does Aqua Glow Drywall charge for estimates?
A:No. Our estimates are free.

Should we look to a different business to get other estimates?
A:Yes, you certainly can compare our business to others and compare our prices. We only ask that when making a decision, make us your last call so that we can give you the best deal possible.

If we want something added to the work which is already started, can we do this?
A:Yes of course, our team will efficiently provide you with a feasible option to perfect the project.

Do we need to put down a down payment?
A:No you do not. But we do ask new clients to pay for certain materials because they have not established their credit with us yet. We may ask for payment after each big project, i.e. framing is complete.

Is there a warranty for your work?
A:Yes, most materials and work will have at least a one year minimum and some will have a longer one, it all depends on the materials that we used.

What if any problems arise during the duration of our project?
A:Minor issues may occur and it always best to inform us as soon as possible so that we can help you immediately. With the extending experience we have, you can feel comfortable of the service and quality workmanship we apply to each of our products.