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About Us

At Aqua Glow Drywall we know that you not only expect the job to be done right and efficiently but also as clean as possible. We make sure our work area is cleaned daily. Here at Aqua Glow Drywall we promote a safe and healthy work environment. Our work area is clean before, during and after the installation.

During our project we make sure every outlet, pipe and wire is marked properly before we begin. We use screws rather than nails to ensure that there are no popped nails of cracking in the drywall. Our finish includes a minimum of two paint coats on the drywall. This results in a flat and smooth finish. You can expect us to be done in a clean and punctual manner.

Our team strives for customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction in our job guarantees our satisfaction. Customer service is our top priority.

Our services include Drywall repairs, patchwork, basement finishing, remodeling for new or old residential and commercial properties. We also offer a custom line of specialty products such as sound proofing applications, and decorative walls coverings. Our priority is to make sure that the job is done properly from the beginning to the end. Here we understand that you are the most important aspect of our job and we strive to give you professional and prompt service.

Mission statement:

We desire to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, we will use only the highest quality, equipment and materials. We also ensure a competitive price to satisfy our customers. We will exceed customer expectations with our completed project. We will also keep and maintain a clean work environment for all our staff and clients. We keep to the best safety standards. We will also maintain a strict level of confidentiality with our clients.